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Emelia Koberg is a dance artist, teacher, performer, yoga teacher and activist.


She is passionate to create spaces for connection, aliveness, belonging, listening and sharing stories. Daring to use dance and movement to explore and express queerness, wildness, integrity, resistance, shame, anger, power and love. In her yoga practice she is inspired by the power of play and human connection through AcroYoga where she combines dance, awareness and improvising. Emelie has experience from working with people of all ages and disabilities. 

Emelie grew up in Quebec with a Finnish-Swedish father and Anglo-Saxon mother. She studied Education in Dance and Somatics at Itä-Suomen Liikuntaopisto in Joensuu, Finland and has an undergraduate degree in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa. Furthermore she has studied Passing Through & Flying Low technique with David Zambrano and Depth Movement with Edivaldo Ernesto and has certification as a yoga teacher from AcroYoga Montreal. 

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