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Effrontery Mini Fest at STPLN

We want to celebrate with you two years of dance together where we’ll dedicate a day full of movement and dance workshops on the 13th of November at STPLN.

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01 Queer Yoga 

Time: 11:00-12:00

Teacher: Emelia Koberg

03 Pleasure in your body 

Time: 13:30- 14:30 

Teacher: Aurora Westfelt

05 Dance Like You’re In a Club In Berlin

Time: 17:15- 18:00 

Teacher: Dina Matskevich

02 Acro yoga

Time: 12:15-13:15 

Teacher: Emelia Koberg

04 Fusion Belly Dance

Time: 14:45- 15:45

Teacher: Dina Matskevich


01 About Queer Yoga:

Queer yoga or yoga for queers and allies. Practicing the queer art of failure in our yoga practice, resisting mastery, continually making mistakes, discovering. Find your way to flow, Emelia draws on hatha and vinyasa but she also invites you to fail in your own way, to be silly, ridiculous and queer. She also encourage queer inversions (upside down-ness) to find new perspectives and new ways to disrupt power structures and find pleasure and resilience in our bodies. Welcome many bodies, welcome your body, welcome if you have a disability, welcome if you struggle with mental health.


Needed: Yoga mat, water bottle, blanket or scarf, your favorite movement clothing. *If you have, bring a block.​


02 About Acro Yoga:​

Acroyoga is a practice that combines the physical and mental control and awareness of yoga with the risk, playfulness and challenge of partner acrobatics.
We build strength, balance, flexibility as we cooperate and have fun with other people. Acroyoga is a great way to build connection and challenge your fears. We will work on different variations so you will get challenges suitable to where you currently are in your acroyoga practice.

Needed: Yoga mat, water bottle, blanket or scarf, your favorite movement clothing.​​

03 About Pleasure in Your Body Movement:​

An opportunity to shake off, to enjoy having a body, to be curious about what it longs for, to take it easy and rest with other resting beings. I will lead with words a small movement adventure where you can choose what you need to transform it into in your body. Maybe some physical contact will be suggested but always with non-physical alternatives.

As a pregnant woman in week 32, I can offer my experiences of working on liking my body and doing what feels good for it. I have realized this because I have another being who is dependent on my body to feel good inside of me; but why sit and wait for that experience, start caring for your body now, it hurts no one, it helps everyone.

04 About Fusion Belly Dance:

Fusion Belly Dance is a fusion of movement principles and elements from other styles mainly Raques Sharki or Belly Dance. Dina’s style includes fusion with contemporary, jazz and classical fusion belly dance heavily inspired by Zoe Jakes to electronic music.

Needed: Yoga mat, water bottle, your favorite movement clothing.

05 About Dance Like You’re in a Club In Berlin:

A small intense rave session. The music comes from local or Berlin based DJs. The rave starts with a warm up to gather the energy and lasts for one full hour without breaks.

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